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Church of Sant'Agostino - Nicosia

Via di Nicosia 56011, Calci, Pisa, Toscana, Italia

The Church

The convent of Nicosia is accessible via a road going halfway up the mountainside, through olive groves. Sunk in the greenery, the complex is the result of subsequent enlargements and renovations that have turned it into an imposing building, surrounded by extensive curtain walls marking the boundaries of a property by now alienated. 
A great portal leads to the convent courtyard, which the nursery, the church and the main entrance to the convent facilities overlook; today, they are in a degradation state. Through the iron gate, a magnificent cloister can be seen, with a patch farmed as an orchard and adorned by camellias.
Today, the church appears transformed according to a 18th-century style, yet its façade has kept the construction modes of Pisan stonemasons of the Middle Ages.

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