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Church of Sant'Jacopo - Lupeta

56010, Località Lupeta, Vicopisano, Pisa, Toscana, Italia

The Church

The church of San Jacopo in Lupeta is sited across the mountainside, immersed among the green olive groves marking the surrounding landscape. 
Most evocative, the beautiful Romanesque edifice was built using perfectly squared materials, marked by their dichromatic effects.
What makes this construction special is the matching of its monastic structural features, such as the T-shaped plan, with decorative patterns inspired to the Pisan cathedral, such as lozenges. The church is sided by an imposing, pre-existing bell tower, once used as a watch tower, and a 19th-century villa that replaced the earlier monastic facilities.
Pulled down during World War II, the campanile was partially rebuilt by anastylosis upon a project by the Soprintendente Piero Sanpaolesi.
A path among the olive groves leads to the nearby church of S.Andrea in Buscione, now commonly known as S.Andrea in Silva and making part of a private property.

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