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Pieve of Santi Giovanni e Ermolao

Piazza della Propositura, 1, 56011, Calci, Pisa, Toscana, Italia

The Church

The pieve of Calci is located in Valgraziosa, owing its name to its pleasant geographical position; until last century, it was known for the large number of mills scattered along the path going up to Monte Serra.
Sited in the lower part of the village, the pieve represents a significant instance of derivation from the building modes of Pisa cathedral. The façade is marked by an unmistakable bichromy and by lozenge decorations; its out-of-scale size is due to an enlargement made to get the marble pulpit into the church. This work was traditionally attributed to the school of Biduino, an important sculptor who got his training in the construction of Pisa cathedral, whose works are present in the territories of Pisa and Lucca.

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11th-12th centuries

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