Discover Romanesque: Peoples and Legends


Legend has it that the monastery was founded by the Arian Lombard Radari, who converted to Christianity after the monks of Saint Columbanus arrived in Valdera.

The monks of Saint Columbanus, who had been instructed by the saint to carry to God-inspired places a ‘load of codices and furnishings, of icons and gifts’, once in Valdera were forced by the River Roglio in spate to stop at the Carigi monastery and then at the Pieve al Pino, where they found many men of faith.

The monks decided to present them with the vine of Columbanus; the men planted it near Pava and Terricciola as a sign of hope in a better future, since the area was ravaged by pagans, among whom was the Lombard Radari. After the vine was planted, the area was filled with renewed religious fervour. The Lombard Radari converted and built a monastery at Morrona where he retired.



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