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Privacy Policy in Compliance with Article 10 of Italian Law n. 675/96
In compliance with Italian Law n. 675/96 concerning the protection of personal information, we inform you that by sending this e-mail message you give us your consent to use non-sensitive personal information about you (sensitive information will not be used) which has been collected by the staff of the IterrCost website through electronic and/or automated channels.
Your personal information will be used to send you regular updates about the initiatives and activities of IterrCost website, to respond to your requests and to perform statistical evaluations. Your personal information will not be communicated to outside companies without your consent. You will always be able to exercise the rights granted to you by Article 13 of Italian Law 675/96, namely, to access, correct, complete or delete said information.
By clicking on the "Submit" button, you acknowledge that you have read this policy and give your consent for the use of personal information about you. You may at any time ask the staff of IterrCost website to delete you from the service by following the instructions provided at the end of each message.